I am a Rockport-based designing jeweler, and my family and I built our home and my studio here on the Texas gulf coast several years ago. I began creating jewelry as a hobby back in the 1980’s, and after a career spanning more than 20 years in corporate and healthcare management, I decided to make my passion for jewelry my full-time pursuit.  I bid farewell to corporate life and obtained training in metalsmithing and gemology, which equipped me with the skills to bring my design concepts to life. My company was eventually born, and through it I offer my line of handcrafted fine jewelry and my one-of-a-kind art jewelry.


I’m a rock hound at heart, and I love forming raw precious metals into warm, smooth shapes which highlight the beauty of natural minerals and gemstones. My aesthetic is bold and colorful, much like the materials with which I work. I create unexpected combinations of earthy stones and sparkling gems. I’ve always been drawn to water, and the ocean also inspires my work. My creations are statement pieces ranging from outlandish to elegant, appealing to people who enjoy celebrating life’s milestones with jewelry which is unique and enduring.

Jewelry is an art form dating back to the beginning of mankind.  It is incredibly personal, and whether the life events attached to it are romantic, joyful, or reverent – they are always memorable.  It is my honor to create pieces which mark those special occasions for people, knowing that they may be enjoyed for generations to come.